12 Benefits of Omega 3 Fish Oil

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by Joanna Adjetey

Omega 3 fish oil is a much discussed supplement, which has been linked to many health benefits in different stages of life

What is Omega 3?

Omega 3 is a family of essential fatty acids that are important to our health. There are three different types of omega 3s; ALA (alpha-linolenic acid), DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid).

ALA cannot be made in our bodies, which is why we have to get it from our diet. EPA and DHA, on the other hand, are long-chained fats that can technically be made from ALA. That conversion process is inefficient however, and only a small amount of ALA can be converted into the active forms.

Why is Omega 3 important?

Omega 3 fatty acids, particularly DHA, are important for our brain health and retina.

Sufficient Omega 3 intake can have powerful health benefits for adults.  Countries with diets known to be rich in Omega 3 (such as Mediterranean countries, Japan or Greenland) have been shown to have a lower risk in heart disease than Western countries.

Although the evidence is mixed, there are studies suggesting that Omega 3 can protect against a number of other illnesses, including breast cancer, depression, and other inflammatory diseases.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women are especially advised to make sure they get enough of them, as it can have an effect on the baby’s intelligence and overall health.

Where do you get Omega 3 from?

ALA can be found mainly in vegetable oils, rapeseed, flaxseed (linseed), nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans) and green leafy vegetables.

DHA and EPA on the other hand are mainly found in animal foods, such as fatty fish and fish oil, as well as meat, eggs, and dairy from grass-fed animals.

Vegans and vegetarians often lack DHA and EPA, which is why it is important they take supplements, such as microalgae.

What are the Benefits of Omega 3 Fish Oil?

  • Omega 3 Can help fight depression and anxiety

Depression is expected to be the most common cause of illness by 2030. Symptoms include lethargy, sadness, and a loss of interest in life.

Anxiety is characterised by (but not limited to) nervousness and constant worry.

People with major depression appear to have lower blood levels of omega 3, which is why a connection between the two can be made.

Some studies suggest that omega 3 supplements and fish oil may improve symptoms of depression, others specify that oils rich in EPA are more effective than DHA.

Bare Biology Mindful capsules were formulated to support daily brain function and alleviate any stress you may be feeling during the day.

  • omega 3 Can improve eye health

Our eyes depend on omega 3 fats, in fact DHA is a major structural component of the retina of our eye. This is why evidence suggests that people who don’t get enough omega 3 are more likely to get eye diseases.

  • omega 3 is good for skin health

EPA benefits our skin by managing the oil production and hydration of it, reducing the risk of acne and reducing premature aging. It can also help protect our skin from sun damage, by blocking the release of substances that destroy the collagen.

DHA is also a structural component of our skin. It’s responsible for the health of our cell membranes; healthy cell membranes translate to wrinkle-free and soft skin.

  • Omega 3 May improve sleep

Low levels of DHA have been linked to low production of the sleep hormone melatonin, which suggests that one benefit of omega 3 fish oil is improved sleep.

Low omega 3 levels are also associated with obstructive sleep apnea in adults and sleep problems in children.

  • Omega 3 can alleviate menstrual pain

There have been a few studies where women with lower omega 3 levels in their systems, had stronger menstrual cramps.

There also is evidence that supplementing with omega 3 fish oil could be more effective than taking an ibuprofen.

This could lead us to believe that consuming more omega 3 (or supplementing it in form of fish oil) could help alleviate menstrual pain.

  • Omega 3 can reduce fat in your liver

The number of people with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is rising, due to our society’s obesity problem.

Supplementing with omega 3 fish oil can help reduce fat and inflammation in people with NAFLD.

  •  Omega 3 may help prevent cancer

When our body responds to infections and damage, it creates inflammation. Sometimes long-term inflammation can persist even without any threats to our body, which can then lead to diseases like heart failure and cancer.

Supplementing with omega 3 fish oil has been linked numerous times to reducing the production of substances linked to inflammation.

Additionally, there are studies that link an increased omega 3 intake to a reduced chance of getting certain cancers, like colon, breast, and prostate cancer.

  • Omega 3 can fight age-related mental decline

There is much more research needed to confirm the link between omega 3 supplements and brain health, however a few studies suggest that there might be a link between the two.

According to those, a high omega 3 intake can even help with mild symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease.  

  • Omega 3 can reduce symptoms of adhd in children

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is an increasingly common behavioural disorder in children.

Insufficient omega 3 levels have been found in children who were diagnosed with ADHD; and subsequent supplementation with omega 3 fish oil has been linked to reduced symptoms of ADHD, as the fatty acids reduce hyperactivity, aggression and restlessness.

While most supplements and Omega 3 supplements in the UK market are made for adults, Bare Biology have formulated the Action Heroes for kids.

  • Omega 3 may support pregnancy and early life

Pregnant and breastfeeding women are being advised to ensure a sufficient omega 3 fatty acids intake, as the effects of deficiency on early life have been well-documented. Omega 3 is important for the brain growth and development, since DHA is an essential building block for both the brain tissue and eye retina.

Supplementing with omega 3 fish oil has been linked to numerous benefits in children, including higher IQ and a lower risk of certain diseases.

If you’re pregnant and looking for a good Omega 3, we recommend Bare Biology’s Mums and Bumps:

  • Omega 3 can fight autoimmune diseases

Relating to the previous point; autoimmune diseases often start to develop while a child is either in the womb or in their first year of life.

Numerous studies have shown that sufficient omega 3 intake can prevent many autoimmune diseases, including diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and psoriasis.

  • Omega 3 may improve bone health

Omega 3 fish oil has also been linked to boosting the amount of calcium in our bones, which is an important component of healthy bones.

There even have been patients suffering from arthritis, who reported a reduction in joint pain and increased grip strength after taking omega 3 supplements.

What are the best Omega 3 fish oil supplements?

With Omega 3 fish oil supplements it is important that they are strong enough to work, fresh enough to taste good, 100% pure and in a form that enables our body to absorb it easily.

That is why we are big fans of the Bare Biology product range. Not only is each product designed for a certain purpose with the appropriate dosage (which is much higher than the high street average), it is also made from wild, sustainably caught fish – caught near a small fishing town in Norway.

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