Is Symprove the best gut health supplement? Our Review:

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by Joanna Adjetey

Symprove is one of the most popular probiotics in the UK, so took a closer look at this liquid probiotic to give your our own review!

What is Symprove?

Symprove is a probiotic, meaning it is essentially a collection of healthy bacteria usually found in fermented foods like kefir, kimchi or kombucha. Symprove have created a unique water based product with these living probiotic bacteria, that ensures the bacteria reaches your gut as alive and effective as with few other products.

In case you are new to probiotics, they are specific bacteria that help our microbiome, which in turn has a positive effect on digestion, stress, our immune system but even our overall happiness, as studies show 90% of serotonin ‘the happiness hormone’ is produced in the gut.

How does Symprove work?

If we have a countless live bacteria in our gut microbiome, why would you want to add more bacteria?

Our microbiome consists of trillion of organisms including bacteria, fungi, yeasts and viruses that work in harmony. Essentially there are good and bad bacteria, and it is all about keeping these in balance. If this balance is off it can lead to symptoms like a change in your skin health, to negative effects to your mood or even give rise to conditions like IBS. Probiotics on the other hand have for example been shown to help manage IBS, and promote a healthy microbiome in general.

What should I expect from taking Symprove?

The effect of Symprove on your gut can vary depending on your very own, very complex microbiome and general lifestyle. This is why we will focus more on the experience of taking Symprove rather than report results and to be honest the taste of Symprove Original takes a second to get used to, which is why they developed the popular Mango-Passionfruit flavour. However, after 4 weeks of each I went back to the original.

It becomes quite a morning ritual, as the small cup (70ml) of Symprove is best taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning followed by 10 minutes (ideally) without any other food or water to optimise the effects and survival of the 10 billion live colony forming units in each cup.

So while it does require a little bit of dedication to get into the rhythm, we have gotten used to taking the time to do a little good for ourselves in the morning, starting with Symprove and then take those 10 minutes to meditate, stretch or just get a nice shower to start the day right.

All in all we can only recommend giving it a shot. They have two flavours you can choose from, either the Original flavour, which taste a bit like AVC or the Mango Passionfruit flavour, if you’d like something sweeter!

Why is Symprove so groundbreaking? 

There are lots of gut health supplements even in the subcategory probiotics, but none seem to be quite like Symprove. To break it down, there are 3 unique aspects about Symprove:

  • A unique formulation, made up of 4 species of naturally occurring bacteria (L. rhamnosus, L. plantarum, L. acidophilus and E. faecium), benefits are documented in research worldwide, and vegan unlike many dairy based probiotics.

  • An absolutely Unique Delivery System (UDS™). You might ask yourself why this is so important, but it is what actually sets Symprove apart from other products in the category most. While many probiotic supplements come in capsule form, Symprove has an a protected water based liquid delivery. The fact that it is water based, means that the stomach does not try to digest it the same way it would a capsule. This is absolutely crucial because probiotics, as we have learned, are living organisms, that need to stay alive until they reach the gut in order to do their work of balancing our microbiome. A study by the University College London found that Symprove, thanks to its water-based formula, was capable of arriving, surviving and thriving in the part of your gut where bacteria lives. Most bacteria in capsule based formulations on the other hand would die almost instantaneously when hitting the stomach.

  • An actual plan. While anyone with serious digestion concerns should consult a doctor before taking medication or supplements, many of us are curious whether a product like Symprove could help our metabolism, mood, energy levels or skin amongst other things. In cases like these it is often hard to know where to start. Symprove has tackled this problem offering a 12 week programme to get you started.

How can probiotics help me?

Probiotics contribute to a healthy and balanced microbiome. While many of us can keep our gut in check with enough sleep, exercise and a healthy diet including enough fibre and plenty of vegetables, this is not always effective enough. 

The circumstances of modern life expose us to less and less naturally occurring bacteria and because sometimes sleep, exercise and veggies don’t quite do the trick, probiotic supplements like Symprove are a great natural boost to help our gut stay in balance. 

In stressful times for example, our microbiome can lose balance and result in multiple negative symptoms, which is why taking care of your gut has become a priority for more and more people. Probiotics are a great way to do exactly that, resulting in a plethora of great products being developed in the field, Symprove being a celebrity favourite amongst them.

Besides Bacteria, what’s in Symprove?

On paper Symprove is a barely based drink, which sort of makes it the healthy cousin of Beer and Whisky, but in reality barely is simply the base on which the naturally occurring bacteria are grown, in order to avoid other sources of lactic acid bacteria such as dairy.

Even though there are all these bacteria the Original Symprove formulation is only based on 5 ingredients: Water, Extract of germinated barley (produced to be gluten free), Sodium citrate, Potassium sorbate, Vitamin C

With the addition of two more ingredients in the Mango-Passionfruit version: Sucralose (in mango and passion fruit flavour only), Natural flavourings (in mango and passion fruit flavour only).

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